Graduate Courses

We seek titles, descriptions, and instructors of graduate courses in the Environmental Humanities, for dissemination among interested faculty and graduate students. Upcoming courses include:

Summer 2017

LA 5705 (Regreening Minds, Cities, and Regions), Summer 2017, with Laura Musacchio

Fall 2017

GER 3651/5610 (Environmental Thinking), Fall 2017, with Charlotte Melin

HSCI 3244/5244 (Nature's History: Science, Humans and the Environment), Fall 2017 with Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

Spring 2018

ALL 5920 (Ecocinema), Spring 2018, with Christine Marran

ENGL 8090 (Ecocritical Food Studies), Spring 2018, with Dan Philippon

COMM 4250 (Environmental Communication), Spring 2018, with Mark Pedelty


If you will be teaching a graduate course in 2017-18 you wish to publicize among the group, please share it with us at