Graduate Students

Aguirre, José Spanish and Portuguese
Bell, Chris Theater Historiography
Bowman, Chris English
Campeau, Kari Writing Studies
Castro, Angela Spanish and Portuguese
Ciulla, Niki Writing Studies
Collier, Kristin Writing Studies
D'Amico, Dana English
Devries, Emma Geography
Dsouza, Evelyn Writing Studies
Eddens, Aaron American Studies
Flick, Kate Natural Resources Science and Management
Frye, Tim Spanish and Portuguese
Hamilton, Joy Communication Studies
Huges, Jen Anthropology
Juetten, Reba History of Science and Technology
Nezirevic, Erma Spanish and Portuguese
Stockmann, Colleen Art History
Strosberg, Sophie Geography
Whitson, Joseph American Studies
Yost, Zizanie Bodene German, Scandinavian, and Dutch