Related UofM Initiatives

The University of Minnesota is home to a variety of interdisciplinary groups and organizations that support programming relevant to the EHI.

Institute on the Environment

IonE’s mission is to lead the way toward a future in which people and the environment prosper together. At the Institute on the Environment (IonE), we envision a world in which sustainable agriculture feeds the world; renewable energy powers healthy homes, efficient transportation and flourishing businesses; every person has access to food, water and shelter; oceans, lakes and rivers are clean and healthy; communities have vibrant economies, neighborhoods and cultures; and thriving ecosystems support thriving economies and societies. Overall, humanity restores and renews resources for the benefit of all living things.

Institute for Advanced Study

Since its inception in 2005, the Institute for Advanced Study has supported and encouraged interdisciplinary and collaborative work, creating intellectual community across and beyond the boundaries of the University. As a University-wide interdisciplinary center, it is a resource for scholars, artists, professionals, and students who are engaged in a wide variety of study and practice. It also serves as a bridge between the University and the wider community as a place where people meet and ideas are exchanged.

Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment

Scholars engaged in the study of religions have joined their colleagues in many fields of inquiry, both humanistic and scientific, in a widening effort to understand the roles played by religions, religious practices, religious epistemologies, and religious ideologies in the changing human-environment relationship. Specific topics addressed range from efforts to understand and address the global crisis of climate change to exploration of human-animal relationships, to Native American philosophies. This initiative brings together students and scholars from several disciplines, including the arts, philosophy, languages and literatures, sociology, history, anthropology and others.

The CREATE Initiative 

The CREATE Initiative advances research and education at the intersection of environment and equity through community engagement, interdisciplinary scholarship, and graduate training. The CREATE Scholars program is an opportunity for University of Minnesota graduate students to get hands on practice in engaged-scholarship and work with CREATE’s community partners. 

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