The Environmental Humanities Initiative

Welcome to the Environmental Humanities Initiative (EHI), made possible by the generous support of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA).

EHI seeks to catalyze research, foster pedagogical innovation, and enhance public outreach among CLA faculty and graduate students interested in broadly humanistic approaches to environmental issues that stretch across the globe. To that end, we are creating a curricular and programmatic presence for the environmental humanities that is distinguished for its transnational orientation.

As we build the graduate cohort, we are also seeking to develop an interdisciplinary graduate concentration for study in environmental humanities that addresses the human and cultural dimensions of global environmental change in the 21st century. 

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The Environmental Humanities Initiative engages a wide range of related fields, including indigenous studies, political ecology, food studies, cultural geography, animal studies, and cultural anthropology, and investigates such keywords as sustainability, the Anthropocene, and the posthuman. Environmental humanities scholars also seek to bridge the divide between academic analysis and practice in the public sphere.